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MediaMark Spotlight provides a customized proprietary marketing and creative program that increases revenue for your business. No one does what we do. We seamlessly combine traditional and digital marketing with sophisticated relationship cultivation, open doors for sales teams, enhance revenue, and deliver world-class branding. Our team of experienced Marketing and Sales Professionals and award winning Creatives bring on-demand real time service at unrivaled value.

We Get you through the door.

Marketing needs, including brand management, web design, graphic design, video production, social media, promotional products, SEO, TV, and print from Philadelphia, PA.

Custom Creative Pods

The Creative Pod handles all your marketing needs, including
brand management, web design, graphic design, internet
marketing, content writing, video production, social media,
promotional products, SEO, TV, and print. For a set, monthly fee
with no hidden costs, get all the services of an in-house marketing
department, carried out by a single team, with all the creativity and
none of the overhead of a traditional marketing firm.

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MediaMark Spotlight Gets You Results…

chartWe’re all about increasing your sales and revenues! Once engaged with your target audience then what? It’s about converting prospects into buyers. While design is key, we lead with winning strategy including “World Class Branding” that engages prospects so they take action – so they become your client. We’ll track your success. The “Digital Revolution” is here to stay… we’ll teach you to capitalize it through web development, e-mail, mobile and overall internet marketing. We seamlessly combine digital media with relevant traditional marketing – MediaMark Spotlight provides the ultimate approach to “21st Century Marketing”. Well hold your hand through the entire process. We’ll listen carefully and work with you to create a strategy consistent with market demand, your company’s vision, strengths, and limitations, and your unique ability to be different from your competition! Click here for the next step or call us today 215-680-6917.

- WE ARE -

More Than Marketers

We’re part of your team. We collaborate with you to create a
marketing and web design strategy that illuminates your brand,
product, and service to the world. MediaMark Spotlight’s talent
pool runs deep, and we can focus on just a few key areas, or
rethink your entire marketing and business strategy.

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Ready for the Future?

MediaMark Spotlight’s Creative Pod will build on your company’s past to take it into the future. Our years of traditional marketing experience, face-to-face business practices, and Internet marketing expertise will guarantee your company’s place on the cutting edge of your market.

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Did you know Google just changed their search algorithm? This changes has the potentially affect your website search ranking in very negative ways. As we were just notified about this yesterday, there is very limited information available right now. As a result, we're standing by so that as soon as the information is released, we can spring into action on behalf of our clients. If you want to be notified as soon as the information is available about the implications for this change from Google, just click and enter your information and we'll notify you as soon as we get the information.


Company News & Updates

Client Spotlight

Bovarnick & Associates, LLC

MediaMark Spotlight is proud to showcase our client Bovarnick & Associates, LLC.
Bovarnick and Associates, LLC, is a distinguished, AV© rated, Center City Philadelphia law firm. We represent businesses and entrepreneurs in general corporate, business bankruptcy, and business litigation. Our team works closely with you, whether you are the sole proprietor of a startup or the head of a large corporation, to address your legal challenges and work through your legal entanglements. We understand that a business is more than just a legal distinction. It’s your life, and we take a personal interest in each of our clients to understand both them and how they work.

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Business Common Sense


Who is Protecting Your Brand?
Reputation is everything. We hear this all the time. It is true though. When it comes to building personal and business credibility (and as an owner it really is both) how people view us as business owners and executives and what they say and write is a huge part of the pie of success. Reputations are in great measure the level of credibility we can garner and hold from those who work with us.

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Featured Video

Video is a great underutilized tool for SEO. Search Engines now give videos the coveted top spots on their results page. And why not? Internet users love video – they’d rather discover and learn new things through a visual medium than through text. Video sharing site YouTube is so popular that Google, the most successful search engine of all time, bought it. MediaMark Spotlight's Philadelphia Video Production team will produce a high quality, informative video for your business, one that will not only shine a light on who you are, but will boost your SEO ranking.

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