MediaMark Spotlight specializes in marketing, business development and branded promotional products. We seamlessly combine traditional and internet marketing, including the latest digital technology, social media and mobile offerings. Our innovative, customized, and cost-effective marketing process delivers “World Class Branding” for our client companies at unrivaled value.

Our Fantastic Team

MediaMark Spotlight has assembled a group of talented creative professionals, whose diverse backgrounds provide tremendous creative insight, branding expertise, and marketing savvy. Our team is happy to work on site or off, depending on what your needs may be.

Gina Ferraro


Gina Ferraro believed radical changes were coming upon the entire marketing industry. Knowing traditional marketing alone would soon be antiquated, Gina immediately embraced the Internet and the “Digital Revolution” in a manner far ahead of her contemporaries.


Dan Megara


An illustrator, animator, and designer from the Philadelphia area, Dan started drawing as a child, and never looked back. Through high school Dan became very active in art programs, and began to broaden his skills. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts & at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.


Jeffrey Baxter

Director of Video Production

Jeff has earned multiple Emmys, too many others to count. He has had the pleasure of working on several notable films and television shows. Jeff’s impeccable technical skill, craft, and professional eye help keep MediaMark Spotlight a dominant force in the galaxy.


John Goldschmidt

Chief Legal & Intellectual Property Council

As a Registered Patent Attorney serving both national and international clientele, John has counseled business enterprises of all sizes from a wide array of industries including consumer products, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, professional services industries including technology, e-commerce, healthcare and more.


Briana Gammill

Marketing Coordinator

Hard work and empathy are two things that help make up Briana. A graduate of the JROTC program, she is well-versed discipline and getting things done. She is also an athlete, participating in various sports growing up, including softball, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer. She relaxes by spending time at the beach, walking her dog, or trying new foods. Her spare time has been dedicated to helping others in need. She volunteers at a local animal shelter and is currently saving up so she can go on a mission trip to serve others in Africa. Briana is not afraid to take risks.

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Kristin Leigh Koefoed

Graphic Designer

Kristin is an illustrator and designer who’s been on the MediaMark team since 2016. She earned her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she interned at renowned ad agency Quaker City Mercantile. She has since been providing graphics for a variety of businesses including law firms, energy providers, medical groups, food services, boutiques, fitness studios, and start ups.

Our Process.

All of our work flows from our four-fold process. It is designed to allow work to unfold in a smooth, predictable, and profitable way. From small start-ups to large multi-tiered corporations, our process will grow your brand, expand your audience, and create a powerful end result.

1. Success Planning

We define the technical, creative, and business elements of your project to make sure it will meet your needs and the needs of your audience. We detail as much as possible before any work begins – timelines, deliverables, target audience, expected ROI, and much more. This blueprint informs both the creative and business execution of the work to be done.


2. Design Phase

Mood boards, wireframes, content outlines, branding strategy documents, and detailed marketing plans are all created, and culminate in a specific brand identity and a plan for bringing it to life. This prevents wasting time and money on inappropriate design, ineffective content, or poorly conceived marketing.


3. Marketing Phase

It’s wonderful to have a great brand, product, or service. It’s even better when you can get it in front of those who need to see it. We offer the integration of traditional and digital marketing, for a message that can be reinforced across multiple areas.


4. Continuance Phase

We don’t consider the job over once the creative work is finished and a marketing plan has been set in motion. Tracking results allows for continuing adjustments to be made in how your message is being delivered, for an increasing ROI that is responding to market feedback.

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What our clients say

“MediaMark Spotlight’s Creative Pod improved our SEO, decreased our advertising and overall marketing spend; while they significantly increased our business and revenues. They’re customer service is excellent – they make it simple. We’ve been a leader in our business since 1984 and have never seen anything like MediaMark Spotlight and their Creative Pod.”- Ron Oswald Owner, 10th Street Gym
“Mediamark Spotlight develops creative solutions helping their clients enhance corporate identity, embrace innovation, create a 'World Class' brand, effectively communicate with customers and other stakeholders, and drive revenues. In addition, Mediamark Spotlight will help clients control costs and increase efficiencies.”- Dr. John Lord, Professor of Marketing, Erivan K. Haub School of Business Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA
“MediaMark Spotlight’s video production service is outstanding! Everyone likes the video… it is professionally produced – top quality. I am really glad we did it!”- Wayne Eppinger, Owner Cheeburger Cheeburger Oaks, PA
“We’re thrilled with the results MediaMark Spotlight continues to provide us. They’ve really improved our brand and significantly increased our patient base during a time when so many other practices are treading water. Before, we used several different companies, making it a difficult challenge to coordinate our marketing efforts. MediaMark Spotlight’s Creative Pod is a “one-stop” approach that’s simple and easy – they do everything for you. They truly know marketing, cutting through all the complicated and technical requirements. MediaMark Spotlight is all about customer service… they really do hold your hand – which is what I needed.”- Myra Reid, Administrator The Dentists At Brinton Lake

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

Looking to expand your brand, redefine it, find creative solutions to existing challenges, or optimize your company’s culture? MediaMark Spotlight will help you explore the various options we offer to shine a light on your business. We’ll walk you through the state of your social media, how well your website is designed, and if your traditional advertising is effective enough to stand out in today’s saturated market.