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Happy Thanksgiving from MediaMark Spotlight!

mms-thanksgiving-2016-graphicWe have a great deal to be thankful for this year. This has been another great year for our firm. This cannot happen without the support of our many loyal clients and business partners who continue to work with us year after year and the many new companies and organizations that have invited us to provide them with our services and support in 2016.

From all our families to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


LinkedIn; Essential For Your Business

linkedin-1183716_960_720We cannot emphasize enough the value of LinkedIn as a Professional, Social Media platform for any business, especially a “Business to Business” (a.k.a. “B2B”) company.

Having a presence on social media is just-about a given in today’s business environment, but putting news and information about your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other “social” media is almost purely a Public Relations tactic to keep your business image positive and forward-thinking.

But LinkedIn is more than just an image building tool – used correctly, it can be a business development resource, a competitive research tool, and a more direct way to reach your past, present and future customers and other “influencers” in your industry.

LinkedIn has grown over the past decade into the largest Professional network online, growing organically as more and more business professionals have added LinkedIn to their daily regimen.  With LinkedIn’s recent acquisition by Microsoft, and Microsoft’s goal of integrating LinkedIn into Microsoft Office and other software platforms, the future for LinkedIn makes it imperative that YOU be there, too.

Statistics from LinkedIn show that LinkedIn members with 100 percent full profiles receive 46 percent more profile page views than those who don’t; in other words, the more complete your profile page, the more you open yourself up to opportunities.

Do you have a personal LinkedIn member profile?  When is the last time you took a moment to update it, look at it objectively, and “tweak” it a little bit?

Let’s start with the photo.  You do have a photo, don’t you?  It’s very important that your head and shoulder photograph be professionally produced – people want to be able to instantly recognize you.

A big part of doing business on LinkedIn is making connections.  It’s been said that a strong network is like money in the bank.  For example, your network can help you become better known, introduce you to influential colleagues and peers, and help you secure clients.  Getting and staying connected with others is a powerful strategy for marketing your business.

Joining an alumni group (college, high school, past employers) is a great way to re-connect with people who know enough about you to willingly help you grow your business, purchase your services, or introduce you to those who may – it presents another opportunity to make new connections.

Prospective clients are likely to scan your LinkedIn endorsements before reading your entire profile page of consider hiring you.  Do take the time to add in the top 25 skills you want to be endorsed for, with your best skills at the top.  Endorsements are a place where opportunities find you.

You should also regularly share valuable information with your connections.  Aside from updating your profile, this simple box lets you add tips and resources, and refer others to industry information such as articles and white papers.  It’s another excellent – yet subliminal – strategy for marketing yourself.

Joining LinkedIn groups, uploading PDFs, videos, audio and slides, and regularly updating your LinkedIn profile are all great ways to stay active and participate in the growing LinkedIn business community.

In the coming future, we will discuss additional ways to use LinkedIn not only for you as an individual, but also for your company overall and your management team.  Now, though, we suggest you check out your own LinkedIn profile and update!


Memorial DayMonday we celebrate Memorial Day. This is usually a day that we’re all too grateful to enjoy as barbeque filled bonus day added to our weekends. Swimming pools will be opened for the season, and backyards will be filled with family, friends, food and shenanigans. There is much more to Memorial Day, though, than grilling burgers and hot dogs.

Originally called “Decoration Day,” it was a direct result of the Civil War, and honoring those loved ones lost in battle. The day has evolved into an all-encompassing remembrance to all heroes who have served our great nation. The “National Moment of Remembrance” resolution was passed on Dec 2000 which asks that at 3 p.m. local time, for all Americans, “To voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a Moment of remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to ‘Taps.”

We at MediaMark Spotlight would like to take a moment now to recognize all those service men & women who sacrifice so much for our great nation. These selfless heroes leave us in awe, and inspire every day of the year. Please take a moment this holiday weekend to honor and remember those men & women in your life; they are truly an inspiration.

What You Do On LinkedIn Matters

link-simplicity-icon_f1tY6p8O_LWhen was the last time you looked at your LinkedIn profile? If you’re not checking in on LinkedIn every day, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity to reach out to people who might be expressing an interest in you or your business.

One way you can determine who’s interested in you or your business is by checking your LinkedIn account to see who’s checked your profile. When someone clicks on your profile, LinkedIn automatically sends you a notification (in your LinkedIn account) that tells you who has looked at your profile. You can then click on their profile to see who they are and why they might be checking your profile. This is a perfect opportunity for you to reach out to them, especially if you’re in sales or business development.

You don’t need to know the people who are clicking on your profile, just consider it an invitation to reach out. When you reach out to them, you send them a message saying that you noticed they checked out your profile and then invite them to engage further with you about some topic of interest or just ask them if they might have time for a quick chat. You never know who might respond to that and it’s the easiest way for you to make connections with other people because they’ve already indicated an interest in you.

Another thing to note is that the more people that click on your profile, the higher up you rank among all of your LinkedIn connections. You can use this link to see where you rank in terms of profile view among your connections:

One of the ways you can improve your ranking is by increasing the use of keywords on your LinkedIn profile. The more keywords you use, the easier it is for people to find you. One thing to keep in mind is that LinkedIn is being used more and more as a search engine, especially by recruiters and people looking for specific things. As a result, if you have a high profile ranking, that means you’re going to pop up in the search results faster than any of your other connections.

Just wanted to share this tip with you! LinkedIn is a great tool for all professionals and can help you with your sales and business development efforts.

Gina Ferraro
Office:   215-680-6917
Mobile: 215-514-5188
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Innovative Permanent Cosmetics Opens New Office in Philadelphia, Launches New Website

IPC temp logo
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – October 29, 2015 – Innovative Permanent Cosmetics, an exciting provider of permanent cosmetics services has opened a new office in Philadelphia, PA. The services provided at the Philadelphia office include permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip liner and color shading, 3D areola pigmentation, scar camouflage, micro needling and wrinkle treatments.

Permanent cosmetics services is one of the hottest trends in health and beauty services as women and men, short on time and needing or desiring to look their best, are searching for solutions to time consuming makeup applications. In addition, women who have experienced surgery or illness such as breast reconstruction due to breast cancer or many other illnesses and medications that attack the body besides the natural aging process are benefiting the same services as they are designed to help women regain their natural beauty.

The new Innovative Permanent Cosmetics office, located on Broad St., just blocks from Center City, in Philadelphia was chosen for its proximity to the more than five million people located in the metropolitan Philadelphia area. With the opening of the Innovative Permanent Cosmetics Philadelphia office, women no longer have to travel great distances to receive similar services. In addition, Innovative Permanent Cosmetics serves as a referral source for plastic surgeons, of which most are located in Center City, Philadelphia. The location of the office makes it convenient for women to access the services following appointments with their other medical professionals.

Nancy Cacia, RT, R, N, MR, CNMT, D.A.A.M., owner of Innovative Permanent Cosmetics, has more than twenty years experience in the medical field, including radiology, nuclear medicine, special procedures and MRI. She is board certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation, and the American Registry of Radiology. She received her permanent makeup training at the Beau Arte Institute and is licensed by the American Academy of Micro Pigmentation .She is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Her formal academic education was taken at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Cacia says that “having been in the healthcare field, I frequently saw the bad side; but now, I can actually give back, it’s such a gratifying experience.”

The new Innovative Permanent Cosmetics Center is located at 1841 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19148. The office phone number is 856-340-5311 and new website address is:

Media Contact: Gina Ferraro, MediaMark Spotlight, 215-514-5188,

Is Your Business Connecting With Your Clients?

Connect with your clients through social mediaThe telephone is convenient: Pick it up, dial a number, and be connected to thousands, if not millions, of people in seconds.

It’s perhaps the salesman’s and saleswoman’s best tool – pick a name, run down a list, make some calls, sell a product, follow-up. And it can all be done from the comfort of a desk or – be it a mobile phone – the car or the lunch table.

Sometimes salespeople prefer face-to-face – a shake of a hand to make a deal. Yet, the world is busy, and people are busy. Time is precious and there isn’t always time to schedule to make a deal.

The days of “Reach out and touch someone” are primitive; people are not sedentary. You have to catch them on the move.

We live in a world of social media. People bury their heads like ostriches into their phones, checking updates, improving their online profiles, buying commodities, selling and buying stocks, editing photos, publishing websites and so on.

Those are awesome opportunities to make a sale, to generate a lead, to build a connection.

It’s harsh, but it’s true: If you are not using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like to sell, then it’s the death of a salesman.

According to the Sales Management Association, two-thirds of companies do not have social media strategy as part of their sales plan. This is a far cry from the 66 percent of marketers who rely on social media marketing for their business, per SMA.

Social media marketing has become a primary revenue source for sales, especially in the last five years. Yet, it goes beyond just advertising, just selling – it is the route to make connections and build personal relationships. People remember what you did and how you did it, and how you got them to where they are.

You are not just selling a product or selling a company – you are selling a friendship, selling a trust, selling a solution.

Three years ago, Social Media and Sales Quota conducted a survey that revealed, among other things, that salespeople who used social media for selling far exceeded their cohorts in sales and leads and closed deals.

Social media selling is the source to sell a brand and boost a reputation.

Don’t be lost in it all – those without experience and a lack of social media investment have an answer for a future return on investment. That answer is MediaMark Spotlight.

Social media, internet marketing and lead generation is at the core of its Creative Pod. Find out more here.

Brand Strategy is More Than Just a Name or Look – It is Loyalty, Love and Life

MMS -08.14.15-Blog-GraphicFacebook is more than just a super-popular online social network that provides life updates of friends and family and news from around the world – it is a brand that builds community and love, where individuals can login and connect, reminisce, build relationships, network and share ideas.

Olive Garden, as everyone knows, is an Italian-themed restaurant. Yet, it does more than sell Italian delicacies; it prides itself on being a family atmosphere restaurant, a place where mom’s kitchen table is a table of four in a dining room, and a place where you should feel welcomed and comforted.

People remember logos and taglines of a brand, but what isn’t always evident is the feeling a brand invokes and stays with you.

The trick to a great brand strategy is making what you sell or offer memorable, while also making it everlasting and, in a way, necessary to the client.

You want your brand to make money (isn’t that the purpose of starting a business in the first place?), but you also want your brand to stand apart from the rest. Make sure your brand has a reason to exist in peoples’ lives and serves some kind of function in everyday life. After a client buys your product, the client should have a reason to come back and a reason to cherish his or her investment.

Clients tend to navigate toward brands with consistency – if your brand promotes “family,” for example, then keep that word and similar words like it across all social media platforms. Make sure it translates through photos and social posts. You’ve now given your client something to latch onto.

Hit your client where it hurts, where he or she loves, or even thinks. Hit them with nostalgia – why not? If your brand evokes emotion, your client will stay with you. A brand can breed understanding and loyalty.

Sometimes you have to appeal to the young and the old, to men and women, to the blue collar and the white collar. Your brand can speak volumes when it translates across all kinds of customer bases.

One thing to keep tabs on is what your competitors are doing and how it can improve your brand. Don’t be afraid to respond to competitors on social media, or even make the first move to put them on their toes. Clients will respond and respect your awareness of competitors’ strategies – and it may just make you stand apart.

Brand strategy is just one of the plethora of methods involved in MediaMark Spotlight’s Creative Pod. We can build your brand and get you where you need to be in the marketplace. Learn more here.

Grand Opening! Grand Closing!: How Could You Not Have Marketing in Your Business Plan?

You’ve decided to start a small business and you have developed a business plan. You found a beautiful facility on a bustling Main Street in a high-income area. You’ve ordered the stationery with the crisp letterhead, hired all your employees and otherwise invested $500,000 into your dream.

Fast forward six months: You can’t sleep and you think you’re developing an ulcer, all because you’re freaking out because you need new customers and you cannot get new customers. Business is way beyond struggling.

And now you’re kicking yourself for listening to your financial manager and not investing in marketing.

How could you not have marketing in your plan?

What I am finding a lot out there lately – especially in this unpredictable, technology-driven world – is small business investors and owners refuse to factor marketing dollars in a business plan. In some cases, their accountants do not even understand why it is important, and push this stance that marketing is valueless to the business investor.

With all the digital venues out there, marketing is invaluable. If you do not invest in marketing, you will be lost. A good marketing company and marketing plan is your navigator and map to success.

There’s the old adage from “Field of Dreams” that does not hold true anymore in this day and age: Build it and they will come.

Without marketing, they will never come.

But it’s more than advertising and Facebook presence: It is about building a brand. It’s about awareness. Most importantly, it is about trust. And not just business to business or business to consumer trust, but trust on the Internet.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, all we had was radio, newspaper and television. Now, we have more traditional means: Internet marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Word of mouth is no longer the go-to answer. Soon, word of mouth becomes whisper down the lane, and then just a whisper.

You don’t want a whisper – you want a megaphone. Digital marketing is that megaphone.

This problem is not rooted in just start-up businesses; it affects well-established companies and companies who are expanding divisions and departments.

Marketing is the critical part in getting your business to the next level of success.

Forbes Magazine estimated that 80 percent of start-up investors fail within the first 18 months. Two major reasons for this: Entrepreneurs are not in touch with their customers and entrepreneurs fail to develop a profitable business plan for the proper market for their product.

In the end, marketing means the difference between a grand anniversary celebration and a grand closing sale.

Here is what your video is missing…


In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, App-centric world, time is often something people just don’t have, well, time for anymore. People want information fast, quick, and now.

When it comes to promoting your business, a marketing video is a great asset. Video is everywhere and easily accessible on all platforms.

The problem with video, however is this: If it is too long, then viewers give up, move on and go elsewhere to the next thing.

Think about it: why are movie trailers under two minutes? It’s because the producers want to get the point across quickly – they want to give a little taste so you come back for more. That’s why it’s called a “teaser trailer.”

The same idea applies to a marketing video: Keep it short and sweet and to the point. Much like a newspaper lead has to grab the reader to keep him or her reading, a video has to grab the viewer in the first 10 seconds and keep him or her watching. For instance, if your product or service does or provides something unique, wow the viewer with that at the beginning of the video.

The best advice is to give them the who, what and why of your business. A large part of those using the Internet are searching for something and those are the ones to grab immediately with your product or service.

The goal is to give the searchers a taste of what your business offers and make them want more – and then give it to them. If successful, the searchers and the curious prospectors will become customers.

Once they are locked in as customers, it now means they will give you the time to teach them more about your company, its products and its benefits. Now is the time for the longer, engaging, in-depth how-to videos or “infomercial” or testimonial.

They will now spend more than two minutes to learn and engage with your business – and keep coming back for more.

Best of all, it increases the chance of these new customers telling their friends about your products, and those friends become searchers, then prospectors then customers. And so on, and so on, and so on.