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MediaMark Spotlight specializes in marketing, business development and branded promotional products. We seamlessly combine traditional and internet marketing, including the latest digital technology, social media and mobile offerings. Our innovative, customized, and cost-effective marketing process delivers “World Class Branding” for our client companies at unrivaled value.

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Meet Our Team

MediaMark Spotlight has assembled a group of talented creative professionals, whose diverse backgrounds provide tremendous creative insight, branding expertise, and marketing savvy. Our team is happy to work on site or off, depending on what your needs may be.


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Gina Ferraro

President & CEO

Gina Ferraro - President & CEO of MediaMark SpotlightOver a decade ago, MediaMark Spotlight’s CEO, Gina Ferraro believed radical changes were coming upon the entire marketing industry. Knowing traditional marketing alone would soon be antiquated, Gina immediately embraced the Internet and the “Digital Revolution” in a manner far ahead of her contemporaries. Gina also realized that old school high-overhead creative studio days were numbered in the recession-laden economy of the past decade. Through ample research with clients, prospects and industry professionals, Gina adamantly held “Sexy, Sizzle and Excess” were quickly giving way to the old-fashioned notion of “VALUE”. Her premise continues that business executives (in this new economy) will require dollar-for-dollar value like never before. Being a true visionary, Gina constructed an innovative business model combining creativity, innovation, flexibility, cost containment and unsurpassed customer service – all seamlessly offering unparalleled value to the marketplace. Since MediaMark Spotlight’s inception 2005, Gina Ferraro has established and led a team of 45 creative professionals skilled in marketing and promotional execution for regional, niche, and large national businesses – including Fortune 500 companies. As each client has unique marketing needs, Gina always handpicks a team whose skill set and personality are best suited to provide strategy, creative design and precise promotional execution for that particular client. Our creative teams are constantly monitored for timely productivity and proper cultural fit for our clients throughout each project. MediaMark Spotlight’s flexibility enables making adjustments on the fly in order to optimize meeting deadlines while ensuring our standard for production excellence. Before founding MediaMark Spotlight, Gina owned a traditional marketing production company, Marketing Productions, a precursor to MediaMark Spotlight, that produced 36 business and family expos per year in major and secondary markets with an annual budget of 4 million dollars. This work included creating, branding, and producing each expo; as well as selling and placing all applicable television, radio, and in-print advertising space. Gina also helped to conceive and execute tradeshow kiosks and promotional products, for a wide variety of corporate and entertainment clients. Gina is a seasoned entrepreneur who has solely-owned and successfully operated her own marketing business for the past 29 years. She is the true visionary pioneer of seamlessly blending digital and traditional marketing providing unsurpassed value to the marketplace.

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