Portrait. Group. Action. Glamour. Industrial. Educational.
And the occasional laughing baby.

Photography has become so important to MediaMark Spotlight that it has its own department here. The reason? A photograph communicates immediately and wordlessly. No language barriers, no obstacles between your message and the viewer. And although we may prefer a Leica or a Pentax to a smartphone, we’re well versed in the many options today’s tech offers. If we ever need to squirt out an emoji, we have that capability.

For some projects, MediaMark Spotlight doesn’t stop with just a photographer. For example, if we’re doing an executive portrait photo session, we’ll curate a wardrobe, summon experienced makeup specialists, and scout a suitable location that complements your look.

Team leader Jeff Baxter fell in love with photography at an early age. Then a scenic photo Jeff took when he was the first American exchange student in China appeared in Time Magazine, and his career was on its way. Emmys and Telly awards followed. (N.B., our other team members also have dozens of awards, including ADDYs, AIR Awards, and Philly Gold awards. They’re a talented bunch.)

You can see our work here. And you can contact us here. Please do.