Promotional Products

Philadelphia Promotional Products: Your Name In Their Hands

Promotional products are great way to get your company’s name in your customer’s hands. MediaMark Spotlight’s Philadelphia Promotional Products Team creates fun and memorable products tailored to your brand identity.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to open your business up to new contacts, clients, or people with a similar point of view about business. But trade shows are teeming with ideas and companies. Don’t let anyone forget who you are. Our Philadelphia Promotional Products Team will create personalized “schwag” to make your business stand out in the crowd.


The right extra gift can turn a potential sale into a loyal customer. Sometimes it only takes a little extra incentive to convince a person to buy. Instead of just giving away a loss-leader, why not give them something to always remind them who you are? Our Philadelphia Promotional Products team will create a small and useful item to get your name into a customer’s everyday world. They’ll see you whenever they grab their keys, open their fridge, wear their exercise clothes, or pop open a beer.


Why use generic products in your own office? Our Philadelphia Promotional Products team can create specialized products for employee service awards, mugs for morning coffee, internal incentive programs, stationary, and anything else that will make your employees feel like they are part of a team.


What you care about is who you are. You want to give back to the community, and share what you’ve earned with the community that embraced you. Our Philadelphia Promotional Products team will help show the world you care about more than the bottom line.

Creative Pod

Promotional Products are also one aspect of our Creative Pod program. Our Creative Pod Program handles all your marketing needs, including brand management, web design, graphic design, video production, social media, promotional products, SEO, TV, and print. For a set monthly fee with no hidden costs, you get all the services of an in-house marketing department, carried out by a single team, with all the creativity and none of the overhead of a traditional marketing firm.

Looking to expand your brand, redefine it?