Video Production

What sets us apart, we are the only company that offers unlimited video. In the past decade, incredible leaps in technology democratized the tools for making, editing, and distributing a video. Most people have more video production technology on their smartphone than budding filmmakers had access to in the 1970s and 80s.

Despite this easy access, the fundamental challenges of filmmaking remain the same – producing a quality video, with an engaging story, on time, and on budget. Experience and talent is always necessary. The video production team at MediaMark Spotlight will write, plan, produce, and edit a creative, professional commercial you can air on TV, or share on your website.

What you won’t get is a shaky video made on an iPhone and edited on free software. You also won’t get an embarrassing and head-scratching “used car sales” type video with bad acting that goes viral on YouTube for all the wrong reasons. What you will get is a video that truly represents your business, made by pros who’ve worked in the TV and Film Industries in LA, New York, and London.

Video Production Costs

And best of all, our fee is lower than other video production houses, for a video made by field-tested professionals. And if you’re part of our Creative Pod program, you’ll pay even less for your video.

Our Creative Pod Program handles all your marketing needs, including brand management, web design, graphic design, video production, social media, promotional products, SEO, TV, and print. For a set monthly fee with no hidden costs, you get all the services of an in-house marketing department, carried out by a single team, with all the creativity and none of the overhead of a traditional marketing firm.

Meet the Video Production Team

Jeffrey Baxter – A long time ago in a hospital not so far away, a force was born. Among Jeff’s many accomplishments in his 20+ years of experience Jeff has earned multiple Emmys, too many Tellys to count and a lot of other heavy awards that look, and are, impressive. He has had the pleasure of working on several notable films and television shows. Jeff’s impeccable technical skill, craft, and professional eye help keep MediaMark Spotlight a dominant force in the galaxy. Our only hope is that he continues to use his powers for good….

Jeff brings a world of knowledge to MediaMark Spotlight’s Video Production team.

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