A disruptive innovator in
the digital marketing space.

Creating a pathway from problem to solution
Gina Ferraro

Gina Ferraro


From promos to trade shows

By the mid-90s trade shows were a big thing. We produced business expos, including 36 trade shows a year in major and secondary markets, renting out the Philadelphia Convention Center and doing media buy for print and radio.

We went digital when they thought it was just a fad

By the late-90s, people were catching on to this thing called the internet but no one even knew what a website was. MediaMark Spotlight and our digital group was born, embracing the web when everyone thought it would be a fad.

Disruptive innovation.

About MediaMark Spotlight

What if you could have the brilliance of a marketing business partner on your team and the all-in-one strategy, capabilities, and talent of a digital marketing firm, rolled into one remarkably affordable, no-surprises, monthly fee for things like email marketing, video production, brand strategy, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, even sonic branding—and everything digital that’s ever to come?
That’s the power of MediaMark Spotlight—a disruptive innovator in the digital marketing space.

“Our team gets projects done in real time with real results.”

Gina Ferraro, Founder/CEO, MediaMark Spotlight

Here’s our story

MediaMark Spotlight founder Gina Ferraro was just 19 years old when she landed a marketing promotions gig in college in Philadelphia, selling hats, mugs and T-shirts. Hard-working and driven, she took the business door-to-door, selling not just promos but programs.

Companies like Merck, J&J, and Philadelphia Electric (now PECO) started saying yes to what she was pitching—beyond the promos, she proposed safety programs that helped teach safety awareness to employees. The messaging, the content and the product purchases were all part of a total fulfillment program that went out every month to each employee.

Disruptive innovation.

Value vs. visual appeal

After 9/11 our whole business world changed. Whereas it had previously been all about cool commercials and pretty ads, people now wanted value and results—yet no one could prove what was working.

Gina, speaking the language of ownership, continued to lead with strategy, encompassing the entire business development, marketing and sales enchilada. She knew how to get inside the client business mindset, and she was masterful in developing and implementing tactics that were proven to result in growth and performance.

Crashed, but didn’t burn (2008)

We took it hard like many others in 2007/2008—the “crash”—when businesses were dropping like crazy, but we made it through.

What we did for Comcast…

One big client understood where we were coming from. We started working with Comcast’s national sales team, managing all their ads on a national basis (Remember those ads at the bottom of the screen? That was us.)

The Creative Pod was born!

Providing business development assistance, a dedicated creative team to nurture leads  and reporting out to sales teams so they can follow up. We’re now celebrating the 12-year anniversary of the Creative Pod—an all-in-one, systematic approach to B2B marketing for companies generating $10M to $300M in annual revenue.

People sometimes have a hard time wrapping their brains around the Creative Pod because it’s not based on hours’ worth of work. We provide a wide breadth of creative and digital marketing services for a fixed monthly fee without nickel-and-diming our clients to death.

No wonder it’s hard to imagine. “Agencies” just don’t work this way. But we do.

Every year we look for another opportunity

We seek out service areas that will help our brands get to the next level. Every year we offer something new that keeps us ahead of the curve.

Three years in, we added video to our Creative Pod.

Now we offer sonic branding—original sound, music and songwriting for businesses to leave unforgettable impressions on their customers and build trust, loyalty and conversion even more quickly.


Disruptive innovation.

Team work, dream work

It takes a certain person to be on our team, who understands it’s not about working with just a few primo clients. We work with a lot of clients—and our clients stick with us. That’s because we show them results. And we can show them to you as well.

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