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When it comes to consumer behavior, it’s all about feelings. People buy on a subconscious level because your brand makes them feel good or safe or welcome or liked and nothing triggers that human emotion like music.

Music + Your Brand = Higher Memory Retention, Greater Loyalty, Better Feels all around

Music acts on the brain, causing the release of dopamine–a chemical that carries messages between brain cells–and promoting feelings of well-being. The positive association lingers and becomes associated with the source of the music, in this case, your brand. A consumer isn’t making this connection consciously, but subconsciously, they’re beginning to like you, trust you, and want to purchase from you all because of that song made them feel good.

At MediaMark Spotlight we so get it.
Music makes the world go ‘round!

That’s why we’ve launched our sonic branding division Jammin’ For Your Brand, an innovative addition to our Creative Pod services. Because we believe every business has not only a voice but a song to sing. And we’re here to ensure your song tops the charts with your audience.


After the pleasantries, the first thing we ask our clients is:
If your brand was a song, what would it be?
Your brand-song might be something country-western or perhaps a little bit rock-n-roll, maybe even a classical concerto or pure pop music fun. Whatever your vibe, we tune into it and begin the process of writing an original song that speaks your business–all thanks to our in-house production team based in (where else for great music?) Nashville, Tennessee.

Jammin’ For
Your Brand

Let us tune in to the sound of your brand.

We’re not talking about having to pay big bucks to license a song that everybody knows. We’re talking about coming up with your own song, the song of your brand,a one-and-only original.

We offer:
   Custom writing •   Original music
•   Original music selection from our library

We put music into motion and what statistics show is that

Music + Your Brand = Higher

Memory Retention, Greater Loyalty,
Better Feels all around.

where is martin and who
the heck is he, anyway?

We’re ready to rock this sonic branding thing! And we’ve got a Martin guitar leading the way. In fact, Martin is touring the United States this year, starting at his home at the Martin Factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Our cross-country, road-touring RV will be leaving
Pennsylvania on June 1, 2022,
with stops at independent music artist concerts
across the country, including:



South Dakota


Stay tuned for the #whereismartin digital map so you can follow along.
At the end of the tour, we’ll be giving Martin away to one lucky winner!

Are you ready to make unforgettable music together?

Music    Makes    Money

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