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Jammin’ For Your Brand

Let us tune in to the sound of your brand.

We’re not talking about having to pay big bucks to license a song that everybody knows. We’re talking about coming up with a one-and-only original song just for you, the song of your brand. Introducing Jammin’ For Your Brand—the sonic branding division of MediaMark Spotlight.

If your brand was a song, what would it be?

Your brand-song might be something country-western or perhaps a little bit rock-n-roll, maybe even a classical concerto or pure pop music fun. Whatever your vibe, we tune into it and begin the process of writing an original song that speaks your business all thanks to our in-house production team based in (where else for great music?) Nashville, Tennessee.

Can we write original songs in any genre?

Absolutely! Songwriters are a versatile and highly creative bunch. We ensure your brand message, style, tone and delivery are captured with the right strum, ding, riff or bop, in whatever genre best speaks your business.

Are you ready to make unforgettable music together?

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