The Dentists at Brinton Lake

The Dentists at Brinton Lake

Developed Website, Mobile Site, Graphic
Design, SEO, Email Design, Article
Writing, Blogging, Social Media Strategy
and Mobile Marketing campaigns.
Facilitating Direct Mail, Email Marketing,
SEO, PPC, Video, In House Promotions,
along with Community Events

We’re thrilled with the results MediaMark Spotlight continues to provide us. They’ve really improved our brand and significantly increased our patient base during a time when so many other practices are treading water. Before, we used several different companies, making it a difficult challenge to coordinate our marketing efforts. MediaMark Spotlight’s Creative Pod is a “one-stop” approach that’s simple and easy – they do everything for you. They truly know marketing, cutting through all the complicated and technical requirements. MediaMark Spotlight is all about customer service… they really do hold your hand – which is what I needed.

Website Design and Development

Video Production

Promotional Materials

Email Campaigns

  • Date March 4, 2017
  • Tags Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Promotions, SEO, Social Media campaigns, Web Development

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