Employee Incentives

There are three ways to motivate your employees: fear, economic inventive, or sense of personal development. Fear is short term solution, because most people adjust to the pain or learn how to avoid it. Economic motivation (outside of a paycheck) doesn’t work in the long run either, because most employees end up depending on the extra money or taking it for granted. The best (and most cost effective) way to motivate your staff is through Employee Incentive Programs.

Employee Incentive Programs create a positive work culture, and save you money. Check out these surprising statistics:

  • According to a 2010 Government report, between 70% and 75% of the $2.5 trillion spent every year on US health care is used for treating preventable conditions. As an employer, you have to pay part of that bill. The healthier your workers, the less you have to pay.
  • A 2009 survey by Fidelity Investments showed companies gained a 200% ROI by offering a wellness program.
  • A 2011 Incentive Research Foundation Report revealed that corporate wellness programs have a savings to cost ratio of $3 for every dollar invested.
  • An Incentive Research Foundation report found that only one in five will participate in wellness programs if there are no incentives.

As Dale Carnegie said, “The only way to make people do something is to make them want to do it.” You may not think an Employee Incentive Program would fit with your company, but there are many different types of incentive programs, each impacting a different facet of your company.


If your employees spend most of their time in an office sitting down, they may be slowly developing health problems from a sedentary work day. And declining health is bad for both their performance and how much you have to pay in health care costs. Wellness Incentive Programs turn getting in shape from a chore into a fun team sport, with something to look forward to besides the sometimes slow and abstract goal of getting fit.

Many companies offer flu shots before the “call out” season starts, health screenings, and counseling by certified professional. You can also start employee fitness clubs, and encourage exercise habits with customized wristbands, caps, and pedometers, track jackets, and water bottles.


Sales Competitions bring out the natural competitive spirit in any good salesmen. Salesman are used to getting commissions on big sales, but beating their fellow salesman for bragging rights will get them to go the extra mile.


You don’t want any of your workers getting hurt, and you don’t want to spend a dime on Worker’s Compensation. Don’t let your staff forget about their safety responsibilities by rewarding them for keeping their place of work safe, and for the number of days they go without any accidents.


No matter what kind of staff you have, you can reward them for hitting goals, coming in under budget, or going the extra mile. It can be as simple as naming the employee of the month, or as thorough as starting a point system with online tracking and high end gifts like watches, iPods, or trips

Employee Incentive programs work on the “Win-Win” principle: when it’s working correctly, both the employee and employer mutually benefit, and no one loses. Because what’s good for the employee is also good for your company. And if your current same employees deliver more then you won’t have to hire any more new people.

MediaMark Spotlight encourages you to try our Employee Incentive Programs. We’ll assess what your kind of program your company would benefit most from, and we’ll design a program tailored to your and workers needs . We’ll advise you on group incentive programs, fitness contests, and point systems. We can also provide you with branded promotional products to go along with your program. Our team’s clients have included:

  • Merck
  • McNeil
  • Tastykake
  • Philadelphia Electric Company
  • FMC
  • Villanova University
  • Henkels and McCoy
  • Pilot Air Freight
  • Amtrak

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