B2C and B2B internet marketing from website and SEO to video marketing and social media—all in one place

You’ve launched a new company and need to make an impression in a crowded market. Or perhaps you’ve run a successful business for years and now need to navigate the ever-changing internet marketing landscape. You need a constant presence on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever new social media site takes over tomorrow.

Your website design isn’t up to the high standards of the rest of your business. You need to talk directly to your customers; in a language they understand. You want to know what they really think.

Maybe you’ve already hired one SEO company, and a separate firm for web design, and a third for print and TV ads, while your internet marketing strategy is handled by whatever employee has free time and a Facebook account. They don’t talk to each other, and they all bill you separately.
B2C and B2B internet marketing often looks like this—a big, expensive mess that’s sourced by multiple players, producing poor results that are not well-tracked.

B2C and B2B internet marketing expertise

You’ve spent your life building your company up from nothing. Don’t punish yourself for being good at what you do, and not good at what we do. Leave the internet marketing to us. MediaMark Spotlight will take care of your internet marketing needs, all while giving a new spin to your traditional advertising.

We become an experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts. We can help identify your users’ needs and how best to target them, while making sure your online presence is stronger than your competitors’. We produce highly targeted content, design, and information architecture, implementing scalable solutions for everything from small boutique companies to large corporations to product launches. We’re the first to coordinate all of these B2C and B2B internet marketing services—part of our proprietary Creative Pod program — to give you a single, powerful brand.

Our clients tend to be businesses with revenues of $10M to $300M annually.

Search Engine Optimization:

You’ll get rewritten web pages and page descriptions also called meta descriptions, which help users choose your page in the search engine results. Each page refresh or original page of content is based on well-researched keyword phrases and competitive research so search engines will serve up your page ahead of your competition. We are experts in organic search for B2B and B2C, helping your website perform better organically by applying SEO best practices so you pay less on paid advertising and paid search.

Social Media:

We’ll create and/or update your social media accounts for you, ensuring consistency of your brand and strategic use of keyword phrases across all platforms. We consistently cross-promote to each of your platforms to ensure your brand is visible to your followers across all mediums. Social media marketing gives customers an emotional connection to your business.

Direct marketing:

We’ll write and design mass email marketing blasts for you, so you can keep your customers up to date on new promotions. You’ll also receive customer surveys so you’ll know your customers are getting what they need.

Website Design:

You’ll get a strategically designed, SEO-researched, intuitive and beautiful website, so your potential new customers will know what you’re about and what you can do for them..

Mobile Website:

You’ll be available to your customers on the go, with a simple and elegant, easy-to-use, mobile-responsive web design.

Video Production:

You’ll get professionally produced online videos that are creative, easy to share, and fun to watch. We are experts in producing B2B explainer videos and our writers, designers, and videographers produce a wide range of B2C and B2B videos that help strengthen brand messaging and build brand recognition, loyalty and trust.

Looking to expand your brand, redefine it?