Mobile Design

Mobile Design Philadelphia
The only constant in the world of technology is change. Cell phones have transformed into pocket sized computers, more powerful than the desktops we used only a few years ago. Today’s business needs two websites – one designed for home computers, and one designed specifically for cell phones and tablets. MediaMark Spotlight’s Philadelphia Mobile Design Team will create two websites for you, each optimized for different platforms.

Mobile devices are different than desktop computers. A mobile site must be designed to conform to the visual limitations of the phone’s screen, the amount of data it can quickly upload, and the type of scrolling done on a cell phone. Our Philadelphia Mobile Design Team will also exploit the amazing features built in to mobile devices that home computers lack – touch screens, mapping features, and the ability to call right from the site.

Technology is built to give convenience – if a potential customer is looking for a product you sell, they aren’t going to wait to get home to Google you. They won’t even get off the couch if their phone is closer to them. Your business needs to be ready for mobile design, because your customers already are.

MediaMark Spotlight’s Philadelphia Mobile Design Team will create a sleek and elegant mobile website for you, optimized for the most popular cell phones and tablets, maximizing all the features that touch screens give you. Customers are searching. Let your business be found.

Mobile Design is also one aspect of our Creative Pod program. Our Creative Pod Program handles all your marketing needs, including brand management, web design, graphic design, video production, social media, promotional products, SEO, TV, and print. For a set monthly fee with no hidden costs, you get all the services of an in-house marketing department, carried out by a single team, with all the creativity and none of the overhead of a traditional marketing firm.

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