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The Old Way

Social Media completely changes the way a business can relate to its customer base. In the past, you had to rely on TV and Print ads, or word-of-mouth. Both work great, but both have their downsides. We’ve become a culture jaded to a lot of traditional advertising. Word-of-mouth is great, but it’s hard to track, and even harder to take control of.

Luckily for business owners today, social media provides a way to combine the best of traditional advertising and word of mouth, along with some new ways of interacting with customers business owners in the past could only dream of.

The New Way

By building a presence and identity on social media, you can be seen as the “go-to-person” in your field. You can be who users look to for information. You can build a credibility customers trust.

And once they trust you, they’ll buy from you.

Social Media puts the power of word-of-mouth in your hands. You can steer the conversation about your field or product, and you can track who’s talking about you, and how many people go from a social media page to your website.

MediaMark Spotlight will handle all your Social Media needs:
  • You’ll get a professional looking Facebook page and Twitter account with updates on your products, your field, and your community.
  • Traffic from your social media page will be tracked and analyzed.
  • You’ll get assurance your social media presence will stay on message with your brand.
  • You’ll get professionally taken photos to share with your customers.
  • You’ll be able to communicate with your customers instantaneously.
  • You’ll be able to coordinate events with your customers.

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