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When someone enters a phrase into Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the search engine seeks out the most relevant matching text. To bypass website owners putting any popular search phrase on their website – i.e., putting the name of a summer blockbuster on a page selling jeans – the search engine disregards anything unnatural looking. The best way around this is to not go around it all: if you post original content, updated relatively often, with key phrases germane to your website, then you’ll get your site listed in those crucial first few pages of search results. If you’re a business owner in Philadelphia, web content is the key to getting business from around the world.

Loyal Readers = Lifelong Customers

Hosting a blog about the product or service you’re selling is a great way to get potential customers to think of you as an expert on the subject. Once they have confidence in your knowledge, you can condition them to know what to want in a product or service – and to be ready to provide it for them. It also proves you know what you’re doing. Loyal readers become lifelong customers.


Many potential customers are numb to the pervasiveness of advertising, especially in bigger cities like New York and Philadelphia. Web content writing, however, is conversational in tone, and doesn’t feel pushy. The purposefully “laid-back” tone of your web content will cut through the defenses people have built up to traditional advertising.

Share It

Articles, pages, and blog posts can be shared through your social media sites. Just a few shares can open your business up to innumerable potential customers. People intrinsically trust the word of a friend with similar tastes. Sharing on social media sites is just like word of mouth – except it reaches more people and you can track how far it’s spread. It’s the best of traditional advertising and new media combined. Even if it’s an article about something local in Philadelphia, web content shared through social media can easily reach people all over the country.


New blog posts keep you in your customer’s mind, so they’ll know where to go when they need to buy what you’re offering. Often, blog posts create the need for something in a customer. People go online to find information on how to make their lives better. Show them how to make their lives better – with your product or service.

Creative Pod

Our Web Content service is also one aspect of our Creative Pod program. Our Creative Pod program handles all your marketing needs, including brand management, web design, graphic design, video production, social media, SEO, animation, podcasts, blogging, drip marketing, and digital production. For a set monthly fee with no hidden costs, you get all the services of an in-house marketing department, carried out by a single team, with all the creativity and none of the overhead of a traditional marketing firm. Contact MediaMark Spotlight to discuss our Web Content service today!

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