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Is your website boring and hard to navigate? Read how MediaMark Spotlight can redesign your website to grab your customer’s attention and keep it.

Most digital platforms have a default setting, a generic set of decisions for how a website, or a social media account, should look. It’s the easiest way to set something up. The default setting is also a mistake.

The whole world can see your company’s web design. Philadelphia may be your home, but your website defines who you are to people everywhere. It separates you from the herd. It makes you memorable.

Good web design is a balancing act. It must be pleasing to the eye, but invisible: the customer will be too busy reading the information you want her to read to notice the color scheme, the spacing of the text, the elegance of how the different sections are held together.

But if the web design is bad, it’s the only thing the customer will notice. Customers don’t want to work for information, and they don’t want to be confused by Web Design. Philadelphia’s Mediamark Spotlight will design a website to grab your customer’s attention, guide her eyes to what you want her to know, with well-spaced, easy to read content, and a consistency between the pages, showing you care about her business even at this early stage.

We use the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to guarantee more hits on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is built into everything we create for you, before a single word is written.

Stand out. Don’t press default.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational conglomerate or a minimalist boutique with a single page to sell your handmade crafts – our Philadelphia based web designers can handle it, at price you can afford, no matter what the scale of your operation. Big or small, global or here in Philadelphia, web design done smartly will take your business to the next level. Your web page won’t just look good, though. It will be conceived and built to target your customers, filled with attractive content on an easy to navigate interface.

We also offer Motion Graphics for your website. Motion graphics are animated visuals combined with sound. It makes your website jump out at the customer, and can answer her questions before she’s even thought to ask them. Our specialists have the unique skill set needed to make professional and effective motion design. We handle it all, from creating storyboards and scouting locations, to contracting directors and hiring actors and voice-over artists.

Web Design is just one aspect of our Creative Pod program, which handles all your marketing needs: brand management, web design, graphic design, video production, social media, SEO, animation, podcasts, blogging, drip marketing, and digital production. For a low monthly fee, get unlimited marketing services, all carried out by a single team, with all the creativity and none of the ego of a traditional marketing firm. Contact MediaMark Spotlight to discuss our Web Design service today!

We hand-craft Creative
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